Ouch! Sarah Palin better watch out, as red-haired tempest Kathy Griffin says she'd like to push her down the stairs!

We know Kathy isn't one for holding back her feelings, but woah there Kathy!

Sources says Kathy was asked which star she would like to see take a so-called celebrity spill and Kathy said: "I’d like to push Sarah Palin down the stairs."

Palin's former son-in-law-to-be Levi Johnston, 19, is a big fan of Kathy.

He recently escorted her on stage at Anchorage, Alaska, for her stand-up show and also shot an episode of Kathy's reality show, "My Life on the D List."

Kathy seems to have really taken Levi under her wing even as she calls Palin "the gift that keeps on giving."