NYFD members with supermodels (VOGUE/Annie Leibovitz)

Some of New York’s first responders during Hurricane Sandy are getting the star treatment with a photo shoot for ‘Vogue’ magazine under celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Leibovitz was on hand in hard-hit Rockaways in Queens, NY. There, she photographed several of FDNY’s “other finest,” as she called them.

Members of of Ladder 121 and Engine 265 in Queens were photographed in their full firefighter uniforms strolling arm in arm with top models Karlie Kloss and Chanel Iman.

The Queens’ FDNY photo is part of a larger Leibovitz spread in this month’s edition of ‘Vogue’ which is paying homage to the first responders who played integral roles during Hurricane Sandy in October.

Vogue brought some of fashion’s top models, including Kasia Struss, Arizona Muse, Lui Wen and Joan Smalls together with Coast Guard rescuers, National Guard infantry, Con Ed workers

Many of them recounted their heroic deeds during Sandy.

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Paramedic Jason Verspoor told the magazine: “We jumped into the back of a high-water vehicle, and were able to evacuate about 30 or 40 people before we had to evacuate ourselves to higher ground - we spent the night on a bridge, then went back in with the National Guard to work on patients.”

Audrey Rendon of the Coast Guard Station New York, added: “We’ve been getting our hands dirty helping people up and down the coast. It’s a lifesaving branch - it’s what we do.”

Ian Seagriff, a fireman, captain in the Army, and the operations officer for the National Guard’s 69th Infantry was one man instrumental in keeping the nearby hospital operating from the base at the Lexington Avenue Armory.

Said Seagriff, “They had a fire - the generators went out, and they were flooded. We had 45 to 60 guys running five-gallon fuel cans up thirteen flights of stairs for twelve hours at a time—for four days.”

This month’s copy of ‘Vogue’ will feature the heroes of Hurricane Sandy, with ‘Side Effects’ Irish American star Rooney Mara on the cover.