Hugh Jackman
The actor plays a distraught father on a quest to find his kidnapped daughter in crime thriller 'Prisoners', and admitted his wife Deborra-Lee Furness was so disturbed by the on-screen bloodshed, she kicked him out of their marital bed.

Speaking to Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show', Hugh said: "When I saw the film with my wife Deb, she was holding my hand and it's very tense, it's a gripping thriller.

"She was holding my hand, there were nail marks in my hand and about half way through she took her hand away from mine and ... [questioned] 'Who am I married to? What? Whaaaat?' ... I've been on the couch ever since."

The 44-year-old heartthrob is secretly pleased his wife had such an extreme reaction, since the film was intended to make viewers question their own morals.

He explained: "Well, I think it plays with that idea of like 'Death Wish' or you know like 'Taken' where in the beginning, even with my character you're going along as an audience going, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah.

"It makes you start to feel a little uncomfortable and it really starts to make you think and long after the credits roll, it questions you about, what your attitude - what you'd do in that situation."