Hugh Jackman

The 44-year-old actor has revealed his eight-year-old daughter Ava would get frightened when her father, who plays superhero Wolverine in the 'X-Men' franchise and spin-off films, got hurt in fight scenes.

Jackman said: "My daughter has seen them [the 'X-Men films] now on TV. When the last one came out she was five or six and she used to get really upset when I was on screen and in danger ... because Wolverine can heal I'm constantly getting shot or stabbed.

"She would get really upset when she saw it in the trailer, and I shielded her from that and now she loves it."
The Hollywood hunk also has a teenage son Oscar with his wife Deborra-Lee Furness.

Jackman - who plays the character for a sixth time in 'The Wolverine' - says his son tells his friends his father isn't cool, but boasts about his action man status on the big screen to impress girls.

During appearance on UK TV show 'Lorraine', he said: "My son is 13, who actually most the time, doesn't want to know. I think, he does [think it's cool] but he doesn't want me to think it's cool. I did overhear him talking to somebody who was a bit impressed that I was Wolverine. He said 'My dad is nothing like Wolverine, he's not cool, he's not tough, he's completely different.'

"On the other hand, I also hear him talking to girls and he says, 'My dad's Wolverine.' So he's figured that out!"