The 85-year-old Playboy boss – who was jilted by the 25-year-old model less than a week before their planned wedding in June – doesn't think the blonde beauty was "faking" her feelings for him, as he never saw the couple's split coming

He said: "I didn't see it coming. I truly didn’t see it coming.

"I think an argument could be made that she took me for a ride, but I must say, quite frankly, it was a pretty nice ride. If she was faking it, she did it very well."

However, the magazine mogul admits their marriage may not have even worked out, as he wasn't able to commit to former girlfriend Holly Madison.

Speaking on CNN's 'Piers Morgan Tonight', he added: "Where was my head? I made the commitment, quite frankly, because in a previous relationship with Holly, I had not been there in the way she wanted me to be and I just wanted to do whatever would make the relationship work with Crystal."

However, Hugh – who has been married twice - concedes he "screwed up" during his romance with Holly.           

In an episode of 'Runaway Bride', a reality show intended to cover the wedding of Hugh and Crystal, he tells Holly: "If you're looking for an explanation about Crystal, I don’t have a clue. I don't really feel bitterness. I never thought I'd get married again. I wasn't planning it.