Big-hearted Irish actress Olivia Wilde is offering personalized thank you videos to donors who pitch in to help the victims of the monster earthquake in Haiti.

The "House" star has appealed for donations through her Twitter page.

Olivia, who visited Haiti just three weeks ago, says she will send a personalized "thank you" video to everyone who donates in excess of $200.

"its worse every minute guys, so we are raising the stakes. Now, those who give $200 or more will get a personal thank you video," she tweeted early Wednesday.

"just to clarify, if you donated $100 before 1am PST you will get a video message. after 1am? $200. this is how we will help make an impact!

Wilde said she realized how lucky she was after visiting Haiti just before Christmas and helping establish funding for a school there.

"Haiti is an incredible place full of wonderful people who are struggling to survive. it blew my mind. i will post pics. we are lucky kids."

The actress set up a special email account at so fans could let her know they had donated.