Paris Hilton
The hotel heiress designed her Beverly Hills home herself, transforming it from a house with "plain white walls, no moldings and wooden floors" to her dream abode which is kitted out with spacious rooms, walk-in wardrobes and a private party area.

She told the latest UK issue of OK magazine, "I have five bedrooms. My own bedroom is my favorite. I love my closets. I also love my private nightclub because I have lots of parties in it."

Paris – who has three siblings, brothers Barron Hilton and Conrad Hilton and sister Nicky Hilton – likes nothing more than inviting friends over to "hang out" at her home and uses her club to let people party in private.

She said: "I love it because it's a lot of fun and it's a place for all my friends to hang out. I had a party here a couple of weeks ago for my brother's birthday."

Although the blond beauty may be the perfect party host she has to wrap up her bashes before 2am because the security guards at the gated community are "very strict" and won't tolerate noise at unsociable hours.

She revealed: "Because it's a gate community, the rules for the house parties here is 2am - the guards are very strict here, so if it gets too loud they'll come out. So I normally just keep my favorite people here until late."