Our Susan did a beautiful job on the remake of REM's hit "Everybody Hurts" to raise much needed money for the Haiti Earthquake relief fund.

The stars aligned for Simon Cowell, who put the whole thing together, and he managed to lure the likes of Bono, Loena Lewis, Rod Stewart and Coldplay, to name but a few, to contribute to the worthy cause.

"The Haiti earthquake has caused devastation and suffering that most of us will never experience nor could imagine,” Boyle said of taking part in the song.

"I feel privileged to be a part of such a wonderful project that will raise money to help the country.

"I hope the single raises lots of money. It's great that we can come together and do this. It's a very special song."

It is a special song indeed, all the more so for Susan's participation. Listen to her around the three-minute mark on the video.

You go Susan!