Bristol Palin looks amazing. It seems that she's undergone a Hollywood makeover but what has she done to her face?

The new face of abstinence in the US raked in over $260,000 so she can certainly afford to look after herself but these photos show a dramatic change in Palin's face in just a few months.

The 20-year-old single Mom was snapped at the 10th anniversary of the Candies Foundations (see left). This is a group which employs her as the advocate against teen pregnancy.

The shot on the right is of Palin last year. It is the dramatic change in Palin's jaw line that has sparked massive internet debate over what's going on with her. It seems that her jaw line is now angular and defined.

Of course this could simply be due to exercise and weight loss. Bristol got a terrible ribbing about her weight when she competed in "Dancing with the Stars". She certainly looked much slimmer when she arrived at the Candies event in a one shoulder dress and heels.

Speaking at the even the daughter of former Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, refused to answer any questions about her abstinence campaign. However she did speak about her life as a single mom.
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