Harry Styles' father advises him to drop his 'bad boy' image

The One Direction heartthrob's dad Des is reportedly concerned about his son's womanising ways and doesn't want him to be compared to "love cheats" such as Cheryl Cole's ex-husband Ashley Cole, who cheated on her with several women during their marriage.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Des is worried that Harry is emerging as a lad who treats girls badly, dumps them and moves on without much remorse.

"He told Harry he's part of a clean-cut teenage band and although girls love them, he needs to treat them right. He doesn't want his son to develop haters, with girls likening him to love cheat Ashley."

While Harry, 19, and the group - also formed of Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan - are on an epic 10-month tour around Europe, Des has urged his son to steer clear of any romantic
situations resembling his whirlwind relationship with Taylor Swift, which ended on a bitter note in January.
The source added: "He told Harry to ride the wave and live the dream, but he's concerned his son is getting a bad reputation, which is unjustified as he's a kind-hearted soul.

"He's also advised Harry not to get involved with anyone again the way he did with Taylor Swift, saying he should focus solely on the tour. Harry listens to his dad. He looks up to him and they're very close."

It was recently claimed Harry sent "disgusting" text messages to his friend William's mother - former 'Blue Peter' presenter Yvette Fielding - from across the table at dinner when he was just 16.

However, Yvette has stated the comments are "b******s" and phoned Harry's mother Anne Cox - who has been divorced from Des since Harry was seven - to apologise for the misunderstanding.

Anne's partner Robin Twist said: "It is total rubbish. Yvette is very upset about it all - she called Anne this morning to explain what happened."