Grey's Anatomy's surgeon, Owen Hunt, is a newcomer to the show but the ladies love him.

"Dr. Hunt is a great addition to the show and although Dr. McDreamy and Dr. McSteamy are also nice to look at a bit of fresh blood is always good," an avid Grey's fan told Irish Central.

Hunt - played by Irish American actor Kevin McKidd, said he is delighted with his role and feels to date the storylines he has spun have been very important to real life situations.

Said McKidd; "I think it's really important that the industry... it kind of honours those stories."

McKidd feels that his job - being an actor and a darn good one at that- creates scenarios that could very well happen in the real world.

"I think those stories are so potent, and so kind of important to tell. Stories of addiction and mental health issues."

"Sometimes they get brushed under the carpet and I think it's a really important thing to keep in the awareness of the public."