Perez Hilton and Star Magazine have screwed up big time over Robert Pattinson if Gossip Cop is to be believed.
Th celebrity web site that insists on facts, not fantasy seems to have Perez and Star in its sights after they both claimed that Robert Pattinson was ignoring his family and had forgotten where he came from!”
According to Perez and Star Pattinson’s aunt says the actor “is no longer talking to his family,” and hasn’t spent time with them in a while.

Gossip cop cites the following reasons why the story is untrue

Pattinson brought his family to the taping of “Ellen”?
Pattinson spent with his clan around New Year’s in London?
Pattinson went to a concert at which his sister Lizzie performed?

Pattinson was with his two sisters, mom and uncle at “The View”?

Pattinson hung with his mom – which Gossip Cop witnessed – at the Remember Me premiere?

Reads like a home run for Gossip Cop.