Pierce Brosnan and his black and blue eye in Mallorca last weekend.
What the heck happened to Pierce Brosnan’s gorgeous face which was marred with a black and blue eye in Madrid last weekend?

Thankfully the ugly eye was all in the name of a film role, and makeup was artfully applied to make it seem as if someone gave Pierce a good wallop.

Brosnan is currently in Mallorca filming A Long Way Down with Toni Collette, and he needed the make-up for a fight scene. Maybe he’s staying in character off the set a la Daniel Day-Lewis, because the photo was taken while he was out and about enjoying some down time.

Brosnan has been brushing up on his golf game during his time on the Mediterranean island. He also recently spoke to an Italian magazine about his enduring love for his wife of 12 years Keely.

“We don’t have to be frightened by our feelings. I fall in love with my wife Keely more every day,” Brosnan says.