Daniel Day Lewis
The 55-year-old actor has already won awards for his portrayal of the heroic US president Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg's biopic 'Lincoln' but has admitted he is still wary of the feedback from critics and fans - finding himself "sensitive" to their comments.

He said: "I don't go looking for reviews, but they tend to find you, good and band. People encourage you to look at both.

"I'm a sucker when people say nice things, and it's unpleasant when people write unpleasant things. I'm still sensitive towards that."

Daniel - who has sons Ronan, 14, and 10-year-old Cashel, wife Rebecca Miller as well as 18-year-old Gabriel-Kane with ex-girlfriend Isabella Adjani - is aware people have different views on him, from obsessively driven to a recluse during filming, but takes all the rumours and "misrepresentations" in his stride.

He added to Time Out magazine: "Maybe people just prefer to believe the other thing. I honestly don't know. I can't account [for people's views].

"It's an odd thing, though. It feels odd, yeah, to be so consistently misrepresented in that way and have to bear responsibility for the rumours that other people create about you. But anyway, there you go."