With fame comes a price, and for Robert Pattinson, it seems that price is loneliness.

R Patz told the Sun newspaper that his life is so consumed by work and promoting his movies that there just isn't any time for anything else.

"I've been forced to stay in a hotel for the last three years. It's frustrating," said the hunk.

"I almost gave in and bought a house in Hollywood. But luckily I realized how insanely expensive that is and I don't even know if I'll still be working next year.

"I'm comforted by my guitar - my true companion that travels everywhere with me.

"I didn't need this in the past, until I got back to London and found out I had lost my whole social life.

"It's tough maintaining it when you don't speak to anyone for over a year.

"I am now trying to get back in touch with some friends through Skype."

Good luck with reuniting with your mates Robert, a happy Robert Pattinson means a happy Robert Pattinson nation!