Glenn Beck appeared on the "Today" show this morning (Wednesday) to promote his self-help book "The 7" which he believes could help change the country.

Of course the controversial talk show host ended up clashing with Meredith Vieira about his political views but he also admitted to being a "bad man."

Vieira commented that he came off as a rather "nasty guy" in the book. Appearing with his co-author, Keith Ablow, Beck admitted "I was a guy that I would've hated...I was a very bad man."

Vieira then commented on Beck's messages in the book such as letting go of anger. She pointed out that following the shootings in Tuscon critics said it Beck was in fact "adding to the dialogue with hatred". She attempted to list some of his more controversial statements but he cut her off saying "Do you really think that people don't know the things that I say?"

Still Vieira listed off some of Becks more famous statement such as calling President Obama a racist. When she asked if he regretted anything he had said he replied that he didn't regret any "jokes" he had made. When asked if he thought his "jokes" contribute to the climate of hate Beck replied "Ask Jon Stewart that...Ask The Simpsons that question."