The drummer – who formed the band with Mark Sheehan and Danny O'Donoghue – is still getting used to fame and sometimes finds it easier to pretend he is someone else.
He explained: “I still don’t feel like I’m famous, I find it a little bit embarrassing when someone comes up and goes, ‘Are you the guy from The Script?’ Sometimes I deny it at first.
“It really hasn’t sunk in for us yet, we’re still the three lads who got together in a shed and had a jam. I’m still getting used to it, like when I’m at home in Dublin walking down the street and I see someone staring at me, I usually think it’s because I have something on my face.”
People recognising him in the street is not the only problem Glen has had to deal with, he revealed he was once left feeling extremely uncomfortable when a fan gave him a hug but would not let go.
He said: “She was a lovely lady and all but it was a bit bizarre. There was this woman I was talking to and I said, ‘Right thanks, great to see you,’ and I gave her a hug but then when I went to pull away she kept her hands locked around my neck.
“That was very uncomfortable, she just wouldn’t let go even though I was going, ‘Let go of me,’ and she couldn’t understand, she just said, ‘What’s the problem,’ and I was saying, ‘You’re hanging off me, will you let go?’ That’s the most awkward I’ve ever felt with a fan.
“I said to her, ‘You have to let go, if I did this to you, you could call the police.’ ”