The ‘Glee’ actress is delighted with rumors that the 48-year-old Scottish singing sensation – who shot to fame after competing on UK TV programme ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ in 2009 – is set for a cameo in the show because her rise to success is similar to that of the stars of the musical drama.

Asked about the speculation, Lea said: “Oh my God, I have no idea! It would be so incredible to sing with her.

“She had a hidden talent which was then discovered, which is what happened to so many of us from ‘Glee’. Look at Amber Riley and Chris Colfer – they’re incredible and thanks to ‘Glee’ the world gets to see them.

“I think Susan Boyle is perfect. She’s a shoo-in.”

As well as hoping Susan can appear on the show, Lea would be delighted if Madonna – whose music was the subject of a special episode last year – and Justin Timberlake were also offered roles.

She added in an interview with Britain’s LOOK magazine: “We all loved doing the Madonna show – it was one of my favorite episodes. We’re hoping to do a part two. Maybe Madonna could be the sex education teacher.

“Justin Timberlake would be great. He is perfect.”