Despite passage of ‘Don’t Ask Don’t tell,' ‘Glee’s’ Jane Lynch has said that she is disappointed in President Obama. The gay actor said that he is not doing enough for gay rights.

Lynch, who is married to psychologist Lara Embry, admitted that she had greater expectations for President Obama when he took he took over in the White House in 2008.

Speaking to Dan Savage, from the Stranger, Lynch said “We thought the great hope of Obama was going to magically change all that, and it doesn't seem to have ...  He's just nicely walking the middle."

When asked whether she thought Antoinin Scalia, the Supreme Court Justice was gay, a suspicion of Savage’s, she said, “Totally! The next religious person who tells you there's something wrong with being a homosexual, start the countdown. It's psychology 101--the people who are the loudest and hate it the most, hate something in themselves.”

Lynch also spoke openly against religious conservatives who are the main rivals of gay privileges.