Jane Lynch

The 52-year-old actress - who is happily married to her wife of two years Lara Embry - has revealed although people assume she has no interest in men she does still find some guys attractive, especially the quirky British comedian.

She revealed: "Let's get one thing out there right away; I have crushes on guys all the time. I'm gay but I'm not immune to the male charm.

"Russell Brand would be fun. I kissed him full on the lips on Jay Leno's show ... of course he's out of his mind, but I think that might make things quite fun."

Jane - who is best known for her role as stern cheerleader coach Sue Sylvester in high school show 'Glee' - still remembers when she and Lara realised how popular the programme had become and the strain it put on their relationship when she was "thrust" into the limelight.