Ryan Murphy has straightened out some rumors as reporters seem to have gotten the wrong end of the stick.

Firstly Murphy clarified that Javier Bardem would not be appearing in the hit show. Earlier this month Bardem seems to suggest in on his Twitter account that he had already filmed a cameo in the show.

Later Dante DiLoreto, the Executive Producer of “Glee” said that this was not true on his own Twitter account.

Murphy told Access Hollywood that “Javier... wants to play a Spanish rock 'n' roll guy, so if we can make that work... he's the best there is. [That's] something we'll probably do in the first half of the season."

Murphy also quashed the rumor that Hollywood royalty Julia Roberts would have a guest part in the show. He said “No, Julia will not be doing the show.”

During the same interview Murphy also spoke about how his own words were taken out of context last month. Last month Murphy was in the press as having had to ban sex on the set of the show because of all those teenage hormones floating around.

He said that he was entirely “misquoted”. He told Access Hollywood that he was just joking

He said “I was misquoted and that was blown completely out of proportion…I made a joke about how we have a 'no action in the trailer' rule and apparently [the reporter] thought I was serious."

"They're too busy counting their lines to see who's heavily featured in the episode to even care about sex."

Season two of “Glee” will air on Fox fall. I wonder if the show’s manic fans will be able to contain themselves until then.