Let's face it, the three best entertainment stories of the year for us internet columnists are are Rob Pattinson, Susan Boyle and Lady Gaga.

Mentioning one or other of the trio guarantees you internet traffic which is why this Thanksgiving we should say a special thanks to them fellow gossip columnists.

It is easy to see why. The Rob Pattinson story line is full of twists and turns from his relationship with Kristen Stewart to his latest and controversial choice of movies.

It is hard to imagine there is a more committed group of fans than those who follow Susan Boyle. They feel fiercely protective o fher and cover everything she does. Because she got such bad press after her initial success, they feel duty bound to stand by her at every turn.

Lady Ga Ga is a different species altogether.Enormously talented, she has become a bigger star than Madonna and is actually the No. 1 search term on google worldwide.

All of which of course endears her to gossip columnist and internet traffickers everywhere.

So thank the fab three for making our jobs that much easier this Thanksgiving!