The gorgeous and political George Clooney

George Clooney has recently turned down any possibilities of him ever running for president of the United States.

Even though Clooney is known to be outspoken about politics and has been active in previous presidential campaigns like Barack Obama’s, the actor has ruled himself out saying that the current president’s woes are the reasons why he would never take on the job.

“As for me running for President - look, there’s a guy in office who is smarter than anybody you know, and nicer, and he’s having an almost impossible time governing,” he said.

“Why would anyone volunteer for that job? I have a very good job. So I have no interest,” reported the Telegraph.

He said that his role as a Hollywood actor does not at all affect the life of others and he is content with that.

“I’m perfectly comfortable with not being the guy whose decisions cost a couple of hundred thousand people their lives.”

“Films don’t hurt people. They just get badly reviewed sometimes.”
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Not only has Clooney participated in the political world, but he has also taken his interest in the subject to Hollywood by directing, producing and starring in the new political film “Ides of March.”

This only sparked more rumors that the actor was in fact interested in running for office. The political thriller is set during a Democratic presidential primary in which the Democratic candidate who during the campaign, explores the differences between public inspiration and private flaws in public.

The film goes behind the scenes during the presidential primaries in which Clooney’s character finds himself in the middle of a sex scandal. The film went into pre-production in 2007 and then Barack Obama was elected. The movie had such a cynical look at politics that its release had to be stalled so that the overall optimism in America was not tarnished by its message.

“There are compromises you have to make as a director or actor but they aren’t life-changing for many people,” the ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ star said.

It looks like George Clooney will be keeping his day job after being able to witness the effects the presidency has had on President Obama.

Although many people value Clooney’s stance and his political views, for now there are no inklings that the Hollywood stud will be moving his things into the Oval Office any time soon.