George Clooney
The 50-year-old actor fell in love with an abandoned mutt after seeing a video of the downtrodden canine on an animal shelter's website.

However, when George contacted the centre to say he wanted to give "Einstein" a home, he was told it would depend on whether or not the dog liked him as to whether or not he would be allowed to take him in.
So 'The Descendants' star came up with an ingenious idea to ensure the dog loved him.

In an interview with the January issue of America's Esquire magazine, he revealed: "Einstein is part cocker spaniel or something. I got him out of a shelter about a year and a half ago … So I go online and see Einstein. They had a whole film about him. It was actually really sweet.
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You see him all beat up in the shelter, and they show how they cleaned him up. So I called and said, 'I like Einstein!' The woman goes, 'Well, we don't know if Einstein will like you.' 'Well, can I meet with Einstein?' She says, 'Yes, we'll bring him to your house, but if he doesn't like you, he can't stay. We have to have good homes for these dogs.' She sounded very serious.

"I have this really long driveway, and I open the gate for them, and I start to panic that Einstein is not going to like me. So I run into the kitchen, where I have these turkey meatballs, and I rub them all over my shoes. This woman opens the door, and who knew Einstein was such a food whore on top of everything? He throws himself at my feet.

She says, 'I've never seen him react like that, ever!' And she left him with me on the spot. And forever, now, he just thinks of me as the guy with meatball feet."

George – who is dating former WWE Diva Stacey Kiebler – loves his pet pooch and insists the pair have had a great bond since he adopted him.

He added: "I was looking for a dog because I hadn't had one for a while - and I wanted one that was house-trained. I'm just terrible at house-training dogs … He loves me. I can do no wrong. He follows me everywhere."