Game of Thrones kicked off on HBo onSunday night and it looks like a surefire hit.

It is Harry Potter for grownups. You have magic, sorcery, weird creatures, strange lands, grim forebodings and ,unlike Harry lots of sex

The young men are all chiseled, handsome, the women beautiful and everyone is getting their kit off as fast as they can leading to several sexy scenes.

It is bodice ripping stuff, with fantasy wars, armies clashing on dark plains and a mysterious bunch of creatures we are exposed to early on who live on the edge of the known universe. There be dragons.

The plot line is hokey but who cares, there are two kingdoms about to go to war because of a previous conflict or something like that.

It is beautifully filmed and Sean Bean, best remembered as an IRA assassin in 'Patriot Games', looks like being the star of stars.

He has that great look of a world weary knight of the early period and steals every scene he is in.

'Game of Thrones' will bea big hit for HBO I predict and despite the questions about the series and its viability, the fast moving pilot has put a lot of issues to rest.

Roll on the next episode