Colin Farrell
The 'Fright Night' actor stopped smoking when he turned 34 last year and admits he did nothing but consume cigarettes the day before he quit the deadly habit.

He said: "I gave up the Sunday before I turned 34. I spent the whole day with a packet of cigarettes. I didn't really see anyone and with every cigarette I smoked. I smoked with as much awareness as I could. And then I wrote a little letter to tobacco.

"It said the usual, 'I remember the first time we met and all that we've been through together. That time you helped me through such-and-such a situation…' and yada-yadda.
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"It was very much the kind of letter you'd write to a person you were breaking up with. Because that's what it was – a break-up. It was the first time I'd ever broken up via letter, so it was strange."

It had previously been claimed that Colin tried to give up smoking by having a customized-suit made containing nicotine patches and while the actor admits it would have been a "genius" idea, he insists there is no truth in the rumor.

He told Shortlist magazine: "I once heard that I had a Nicorette patch suit made for 'Miami Vice'. I was trying to give up cigarettes at the time, and apparently the way I did that was to line the inside of a suit with Nicorette patches.

"This was apparently how I was mainlining my nicotine. Which is actually kind of a genius idea when you think about it. But of course, one would overdose on nicotine poisoning around about Take 1. Can you imagine, 'We've lost Farrell. Death by cigarette – and he didn't even inhale.' "