JFK and Gunilla von Post 

Gunilla von Post, former alleged mistress of President John F Kennedy, has died at the age of 79. Von Post first met JFK when she was 21; he was fifteen years her senior.

The Daily Mail reports that In 1997, Von Post penned a memoir entitled ‘Love, Jack’, which chronicled her and the President’s love affair. The Swedish socialite first met JFK in August 1953 when he was visiting  in the French Riviera, where she had been sent by her father to brush up on her French.

Von Post recalls of an evening they spent together where, 'He turned and kissed me tenderly and my breath was taken away.” JFK had admitted that he was to be wed within a few weeks to Jacqueline Bouvier, but the two maintained correspondence following his marriage.

Two years later in 1955, JFK visited her home nation of Sweden, where the two consummated their love. Von Post wrote “I was relatively inexperienced, and Jack’s tenderness was a revelation. He said, "Gunilla, we’ve waited two years for this. It seems almost too good to be true, and I want to make you happy.’”

Von Post goes on to claim that Kennedy had phoned his father saying he wanted to divorce Jackie in order to marry Gunilla, but his father advised against it citing that it would ruin his chances of ever becoming President.
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Kennedy and Von Post grappled over the idea of Von Post moving to America, though she never did until she was much older. JFK eventually ended the tryst with a handwritten note in which he described his emotions as “complicated.”

The two would have their final meeting three years later at a charity ball at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, after Von Post had married Anders Elkman, a wealthy Swedish landowner. When Von Post saw Kennedy, she had a waiter deliver him a note, to which he requested she meet him outside. Kennedy told Von Post, "It’s wonderful to see you. I love you.”

Von Post silenced any doubters when she put to auction several of the letters Kennedy had sent to her. They fetched an impressive $115,537.50, shattering initial estimates of $50,000.

JFK was rumored to have another affair, most notably with starlet Marilyn Monroe.

Von Post is survived by two daughters of her first marriage and a son of her second.