OK, so supposing RPatz and the current squeeze Kristen Stewart don't make it -- who are the perfect women for our dashing English hero?

1. Black Swan meets Black Sheep ---Natalie Portman, OK she's pregnant by some French dancer, but this is really beauty and the beast revisited, as in Robert as Vampire and she as the perfect ' Black Swan' ballet dancer.

2.Keira Knightley, this is a perfect British romance between an English rose and an officer and a genetleman. Perfect together.

3. Lady Gaga, appeal to Robert's wild side which we have seen plenty of evidence of. Gaga and he sipping Jameson might be a sight to see

4. Miley Cyrus. Disney star needs to grow up and Robert would be the perfect match to help achieve that.

5. Saoirse Ronan. Irish film star is an up and coming Oscar winner and could help get Robert some serious roles. Besides I like that Irish/English thing