Don't mind the sniper fire from the "critics" who say Siobhan Magnus should have stayed away from Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey.

Siobhan looked stunning as she belted out the Whitney/Mariah duet, "When You Believe."

And if you agree with me, let your fingers do the talking and call 1866 IDOLS 05 or text "vote" to 5705.

Even special guest Alicia Keys was impressed.

"She's doing thing that I don't think most people can do, and I'm very impressed. I'm very impressed with her voice."

Judge Randy Jackson said:  "You probably picked, arguably, the toughest song of the night...I don't know why you picked it. It was just okay for me, baby."

Co-judge Ellen DeGeneres said Siobhan's song was just more confirmation as to why Siobhan;s on the show.

Simon Cowell (and what age are you SiBoy?!) said he thought was "very old-fashioned."

"Too much happened to quickly." Yeah well SiBoy, hurry up and get married wouldya before you qualify for a bus pass!

We'll leave the last word (or five!) to Siobhan "I just love the song."

Call 1866 IDOLS 05 or text "vote" to 5705.