Fashion experts are throwing up their hands at some of the outfits Siobhan Magnus has been wearing.

They say the Irish American from Cape Cod needs to wear better clothes if she is to win "American Ido"' and make a proper fashion statement.

The black corset style party dress she wore for "Paint It Black" and the navy blue polka-dot ensemble she wore for "Think" show Magnus has been all mixed-up, say the experts.

  Andnot stylish, they say.

"She's really playing with her look. She's young. She should be doing that," said Karen Billard, president of Provincetown Theatre and a costumer.

But for marketing purposes, Magnus will need to create and stick to a look that fans recognize, Billard told the Cape Cod Times . "She may find that challenging down the road as she starts recording, being successful."

Amy DuFault, co-owner of the Shift boutique in Hyannis and fashion editor on, said she posted a message on Magnus' Facebook page offering some fashion advice and resources.

The focus needs to be on Magnus, not her clothes or accessories, she said. "We're looking more at her clothes because they're so odd — the way she's paired them."

Emily Neill, a Boston stylist who wrote a book called "Closet Smart," warns young artists about going to extreme looks.

"If the clothes are wearing you, or the clothes are more of a show than the music, you've gone wrong," said Neill.

"Start with what fits and build out from there," she said.

"People take a while to establish their style."

Billard, however, says to give Magnus time.

"She's an emerging artist right now."