Nancy Grace
A fetish fart group has offered ABC an undisclosed sum to licence the rights to Nancy Grace’s infamous  “Dancing with the Stars” fart footage, from this weeks show.

A rep for the fetish website told TMZ the company made an official offer to ABC on Thursday.

The letter states: "After viewing and hearing Nancy Grace's alleged 'toot' after her performance on 'Dancing With The Stars,' [we] would like to acquire the rights of the three-second footage."
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"We wish to acquire this for our members of our web site who are 'Flatulophiliacs' or simply put, 'Fart Fanatics'."

Speaking about the controversy, Grace denied the fart and instead pinned it on her Irish dancing partner, Tristan.

"If you listen really closely to that clip," she said, "it has an Irish accent.

View the letter here!