Since the Beatles, and probably before, teenagers and adults alike have been hysterical over their favorite band, Hollywood heartthrob or movie but “Twilight” fans are starting to get a little scary.

“The Twilight” obsessed fans, known as Twihards are, frankly, starting to get a little scary with massive “Twilight” tattoos, Robert Pattinson’s autograph tattoos and full book covers tattooed on their bodies. Some fans have even gotten permanent vampire fang teeth proudly stating they did it because of the movie franchise. Put simply this kind of obsession in a movie and book franchise just can’t be healthy. It’s not like this is the first time this has happened, look at “Star Wars” for peats sake but the “Twihards” are merely the newest model of obsessive, and a little scary, fans.

Back in 2008 there were reports that children were trampled by fans as they raced into cinemas to get their hands on tickets for the vampire flicks and obsessive fans camped out for days to just get into the movie first. This is the kind of thing you would expect. In fact these kinds of situations were probably mirrored around the country during the launch of Apple’s Ipad.

However recent events, as well as the crazy tattoos and cosmetic dentistry are starting to make people think that the “Twihards” are a little extreme. At the San Diego Comic-Con this year, it emerged that some of the fans have become so obsessed with the characters that it’s bordering on sexual assault.

E! Online reported that during a panel, a questions and answer session, with the girls who run a fan fiction site honoring “Twilight” they were asked if it bothered them that some of the stories posted are violent or that border on sexual assault.” The woman replied “If it's Rob, it's OK.”

Even the cast of the movie is starting to feel threatened by the obsessed mobs that follow them around. Speaking to Kellan Lutz, who plays Emmett Cullen, admitted that he had to buy himself a dog as protection against his fans.

He said “I can run fast now! I also have a dog that doesn’t like females. She’s pretty protective!”
Lutz also had told about the fans plans to get closer to their idols. He said “Recently a fan brought handcuffs to a convention that I was at. I didn't really pay attention to what she said, but she actually said, 'Do you mind if I handcuff myself to you?' I was like, 'Yeah, do it!' Then I heard this clunk-click noise of metal - and she almost got to me. Luckily, security stepped in.”

Robert Pattinson is also feeling the pressure of stardom and friends believe he’s at breaking point. Lutz said that the amount of security that Pattinson and Stewart have to travel with is incredible.

He said “We've all stayed so down to earth, and it's just funny to see life change for the people around us, especially Rob. It's like, when a fan lunges at him and you only see one bodyguard around, and then 10 more jump out of the crowd, where they've been hiding."

"God, it's crazy to think about needing a bodyguard, but Rob can't take any chances.”

These a fine line between being a big fan and a crazy obsessive fan. I’m starting to think that some Twihards are finding it hard to get to grips with that concept.