A Scottish comedian has been attacked by Susan Boyle's family for making fun of the Scottish songstress during a pantomine earlier this year (picture above).

During the performance Janette Tough wore a fat suit and had a fake cat pee on the stage.

Subo's family however, was not pleased Janette said: "Afterwards, I got a letter from Susan's sister. It said there had been enough of this mickey-taking of her sister and that it was disgusting. It said the trouble Susan had come across when she went to school was enough in her life."

Janette said : "I wanted to write back and say, 'I was called the giant at school and it didn't affect me'.
"The world and her auntie were doing Susan Boyle in panto. The fat suit was a left-over from a French and Saunders sketch when I was Pamela Anderson. I thought it would be funny to have Ian rip off my Susan Boyle dress and have the fat suit underneath. I also pretended to have the cat Pebbles which 'peed' on the audience.

"Real class, eh?"

Janette tld the Scottish Daily Record shehas a lot of admiration for Susan adding: "I think she's smashing and good on her, she's done great.

"It's just the attitude of other people that annoys me. I'm sure Susan didn't mind."