George Clooney

Evan Rachel Wood got an “eyeful” of her ‘Ides of March’ co-stars when some of them went skinny dipping.

Some of the cast of the movie – which also stars George Clooney, Marissa Tomei, and Ryan Gosling – bonded at George’s Italian villa by taking a swim together, and while Evan insists she was clothed during the dip, she admitted that some of the group were naked.

She told Access Hollywood: “I did jump in Lake Como with George [Clooney] and Marissa [Tomei]. I was just talking about that actually. It was crazy, it was fun. Within 30 minutes of arriving there, we were all in the lake.

“I will not confirm nor deny the skinny dipping. I did not participate in the skinny dipping unfortunately, but I cannot speak for the others… I’ll let them reveal all. But I’ve gotten an eyeful!”

Evan plays a promiscuous intern in ‘Ides of March’ and has spoken of her belief that the character is not ashamed of her antics.

She told Britain’s GQ magazine: I don't think she's actually ashamed of what she did.

'It's strange: The one thing that could take down any politician is sleeping with the intern. But it has nothing to do with being a good politician.”