It seems that Erin Andrews' brilliant performance on “Dancing with the Stars” or the fact that she can get away with the most revealing of outfits has really gotten to some journalists.

First Elisabeth Hasselbeck, on “The View,” slates her and now a New York Daily News columnist Joanna Molloy has gone in for some cheap shots.

This time Erin is being dissed for being a journalist and baring flesh. It seems that it’s okay for the rest of the female cast on “Dancing with the Stars” who were musicians, comedians, actresses and reality tv stars, to stripe down but not Andrews.

Molloy said “. . . She wants to be considered a journalist. She wants to be the observer, not the observed. But a journalist uncovers the facts, not her navel.

“Let's face it: Andrews is a sports sidelines reporter. While she undoubtedly knows the games she covers, she's still there as eye candy."

However like Hassellback, Molloy went a bit too far and blamed Andrews for her stalker, peephole video incident.

“She was voted America's Sexiest Sportscaster - twice - by Playboy, and accepted the kudos. She's posed for racy photo shoots in Sports Illustrated and GQ. She has sought celebrity,” said Molloy.

"But when the peephole perv story broke and the paparazzi transformed her from storyteller to The Story, she called 911 and yelled to the operator, 'I'm being treated like f---ing Britney Spears!' (Ironically, she employs Spears' stylist Paige Geran to dress her for her ESPN gigs.)

"Now that Dancing with the Stars is over, Andrews is going to have to decide whether she wants to be a proper journalist or continue to be a journalistic lightweight who's light on her feet.”