Erin Andrews and her partner, Maks Chmerkovskiy, are ranked in second place after wowing the judges on "Dancing With the Stars".

The sassy duo won over the judges with their quick step and the group dance challenge, cha-cha.

The three judges all awarded the flirty pair nine points leaving them with a glowing mark of 27.

Surprisingly Maks couldn’t keep his clothes on in either dance but this week the judges were exceedingly impressed.

Erin began the show in effortless glamour wearing a salmon pink sequined dress with full length black flowing skirt. As soon as their performance started her full skirt and his black tux were ripped off to reveal shocking salmon pink outfits.

The footage of their rehearsal during the week showed a very nervous Andrews as she started to doubt Maks direction. Last week Glenn specifically asked Maks to stop taking off his clothes….apparently he finds it quite difficult.

She admitted that the only reason she was getting paranoid and questioning Maks instruction was because she had much more to risk now they’ve come so far.

Eventually she decided to stick to Glen’s instructions. She said “Glenn told me to shut up, show up and do what my expert says. That’s what I’m going to do.”

She was right to listen to Maks. As their dance finished up Tom Bergeron, the show’s presenter exclaimed “What a great start to the night!”

Even Glen was impressed. He did, however make a comment to Maks. “I’m dreading if you ever dance to “Great Balls of Fire”,” he said.

To Erin he said “That was by far your best dance yet”.

Bruno commenting that Erin’s shoulders were little tight but that dance overall was “Great, lightening fast and brighter than Glenn’s tie!”

The red hot pair was running in the lead until Evan and Anna scored a perfect score of 30, the first of the season, with their impeccable tango.

The cha-cha challenge added real spice to the night. Team Gaga were first to the floor. Pamela, Damien, Nicole, Dereck, Chad and Cheryl took danced to her Gagaship’s “Telephone Song”. Their super energetic dance filled with “sexual tension” scored them a high 27.

Team Madonna, made up of Erin, Maks, Niecy, Louis, Evan and Anna, took over the stage in fabulous “Materiel Girl” outfits. Yet again by the end of the dance the girl’s skirts were off. I wonder whose idea that was!

The group who according the judges looked like they were having a great time scored a slightly lowers score of 24.

Our favorite couple, Erin and Makss ended the show ranked a respectable two with 51 out of 60 but as the credits rolled they were still dancing and having fun.

Now the vote goes to the public. To vote visit All will be revealed tomorrow night.