ESPN reporter and "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Erin Andrews is fending off negative comments from a fellow journalist about her involvement with the show.

A columnist for the Toronto Star, Rosie DiManno, wrote an editorial this past weekend slamming Erin for joining the show and labeled her a "ballroom bimbo."

My thinking on this, Rosie is jealous for several reasons; she is an unknown, probably doesn't look anything like the hot ESPN analyst and would love to dance the tango live on television!

We think it's you who needs to get a life Rosie dear.

She wrote, “(Erin) made a fool out of herself and a sham of her profession...... I want to grab (her) by the shoulders and shout: ‘What are you thinking, woman?!’ ”

Jealously will get you nowhere!

Erin has reportedly slammed back at the female journalist saying she is perfectly content with her decision to join the show and if anything it has helped her cope tremendously with the death threats she received a few weeks ago.

"And I'm certainly no bimbo," she said.

Tonight Erin will dance live on television to stay in the competition.

We're rooting for you girl!