Erin Andrews says her relationship with DWTS's partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy is ready to bubble over sometimes.

"It's a scientific experiment," Andrews said on last night's show . "We're like a bunch of chemicals. Some days they mix. Some days they explode."

Hmm like that Icelandic volcano maybe.

Last night they came close to exploding as they bickered over everything but eventually turned in a stellar performance.

The couple may be more than dance partners. Host Brooke Burke asked point blank if a romance is in the air.

Andrews was only half joking when she said there's no romance until Maks gives her a diamond ring like the one NFL star Chad Ochocinco gave his partner Cheryl Burke last week, a ring valued at over $10,000.

They then performed a super jive number to the beat of Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell." and the theme of Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Pulp Fiction’ with Erin as Uma Thurman.

Judge Bruno Tonioli was deeply impressed.

"You brought the Uma magic," he said. "This is your best timing. You didn't go wrong once."

Erin danced with her parents, Steve and Paul Andrews in the audience. Her father is battling prostate cancer but her daughter’s performance must have boosted his spirits.

"She's having a good time and she deserves it after having a rough time last year," her father told the Tampa Tribune, referring to the arrest and conviction of a man who videotaped her through a peephole in a hotel room door.