ESPN host Erin Andrews is being coy about her "relationship" with her Russian dance partner, Marksim Chmerkovskiy and told reporters yesterday their relationship "depends on what day you get us on."

Erin who was dealing with death threats last week said “I’ve got a Russian on my side that isn’t going to let anyone come near me.”

Sounds to me like Erin thinks of Marks as a bit of a night in shining armour.

On her appearance on "Dancing with the Stars", Erin said she did it because she wanted to prove to millions of people, "If you’re stalked or a victim of video voyeurism you shouldn’t be embarrassed...You should just live your life."

Erin was referring to last years video scandal in which a stalker pervert followed her throughout the country videoing her in her hotel room and uploading it online.

Back to her and Marks.

Comedian Chelsea Handler stuck it to Erin on her show, "Chelsea Lately," "Why are you trying to act like you guys aren't penetrating?" she asked.

Not giving too much away, Erin responded with, "We just don't know what to say," she smiled, "because everyday we read something new."

Chelsea wasn't giving up "You're glowing, you're beaming. You're in love!"

Our thoughts; they're an item!