Mark Wahlberg, executive producer of the HBO bad boy series "Entourage" has left an opening for "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson to appear on the show in a cameo role.

While attending a press conference for "The Other Guys" in San Diego this past weekend Wahlberg, when asked, said RPatz could be a possible guest star on the show.

E! News tossed in the name of the "Water For Elephants" star for a possible guest star in the future and 39-year-old Mark responded with a question, "Umm, that's the kid from 'Twilight'?" before saying, "Yeah."

Adding; "We'll see about that."

When asked about a potential "Entourage" movie he said, "We're still figuring out a couple of story lines for next season. We have to figure out where a couple of them will leave off and where the movie will begin."

Meanwhile, actor Kevin Connolly has set his eyes on the directing position should the movie is materialized.

"I tell you, I never thought I'd be so happy to see 'Sex and the City' as a movie," he shared as quoted by

"When that movie came out and it did well, it opened the door for us, but I definitely want to make a movie. I'm starting this rumor that I'm the frontrunner to direct!"