Emma Stone in 'Spider-Man.' Columbia Pictures promotional photo.

Emma Stone thought she'd ruined her chances when she auditioned for 'The Amazing Spider-Man'.

The actress won the role of Gwen Stacy in the superhero film but she admits she thought she had no chance of getting the part because her audition went so badly.

She said: "I was incredibly lucky as I was the only candidate on the first day of auditions. I was nervous and was convinced I'd made a mess of everything. But, to my huge surprise, the director thought I was great."

Emma stars alongside real life boyfriend Andrew Garfield - who takes on the titular character in the movie - and she admits having to kiss him in front of the crew was very hard.

She said: "To make a relationship seem intimate when a crowd of people are watching you is practically impossible. But don't forget, we're actors."

Andrew also admits the romantic scenes were hard, saying: "When you're on the set you can't allow personal feelings to show. So I was acting when I kissed her - though it was a difficult thing to do under the circumstances."