Emilio Estevez explained the former 'Two and a Half Men' star – who was who was fired from the £1.2 million-per-episode role after revelations emerged about his romps with porn stars and cocaine binges – has now "got his voice back" and is ready to concentrate on new projects.

He told Access Hollywood Live: "He’s a different guy. He’s a completely different guy. He’s got his voice back. And I think he’s got his focus.”

Emilio – an actor-and-film director – explained his 45-year-old sibling is "very excited" about his new sitcom 'Anger Management,' which is set to be loosely based on the 2003 movie of the same name.

He added: "He’s on a new show and he’s gonna be roasted by Comedy Central – which I think is going to be hysterical. I think that he’s really got it together. And he’s very excited about the crew of the show he’s putting together.”

In February, actor Martin Sheen – who fathers both Charlie and Emilio – revealed he was praying for the comedy star as he battled drug and alcohol addiction.

When asked about Charlie's situation, he said: "He's doing well. We pray for him. If he had cancer, how would you treat him?

"This disease of addiction is a form of cancer. You have to have an equal measure of concern and love and lift him up."