Matt Damon

The 42-year-old actor shaved his head for futuristic movie 'Elysium' and Matt revealed two-year-old Stella, who was only 10 months old when he made the film, was fascinated with his lack of hair.

He told People: “Once my kids got used to it, and my wife, then the rest is kind of easy. They liked it. My youngest was less than a year at the time, and she used to drum on my head. She thought that was the
funnest thing, and so, you know, when you’re a parent, you’ll do anything to make your 10-month-old smile. So I would put my head in her lap and let her bang away as long as she wanted.”

It wasn't just his family that liked his new look, Matt admitted he was impressed with how low maintenance it was.

He explained: “And as far as just shaving the head, it’s really liberating to jump out of the shower and run a towel over your head and be done.”

Matt previously revealed he was missing Stella and his other children, Alexia, 14 – his wife Luciana's daughter from a previous relationship - Isabella, six and Gia, four, so much after filming 'Elysium' that he
pulled out of directing 'Promised Land' which he wrote and starred in alongside John Krasinski.

Matt said: "I decided that I wasn't going to direct it on December 15th [2011]. That was my last day of work. 'Elysium' that I was on went over.  I had been away from my kids, and then I got back and had to do a really intense week or two of press for 'We Bought A Zoo'.

"On December 15th, my last thing was 'The Daily Show' with Jon Stewart, and I finished it and got home and my year was over. I looked at the calendar and saw that, to get the movie out, I had to go into
pre-production on January 2nd [2012].  I just couldn't leave the kids again.  So, I had to call John, which was horrible."