Matt Damon

The 42-year-old actor is relieved his film roles haven't propelled him to the same level of stratospheric stardom as the 50-year-old icon, who has waved goodbye to his privacy since agreeing to play eccentric Captain Jack Sparrow in the 'Pirates of the Carribean' franchise.

Asked whether he's glad he can still take his daughters to school like a normal father, Matt replied: "It's been that way for four years and I don't know why it would change. Although I look at someone like Johnny Depp, who I think was afforded a certain amount of freedom for a long time, then he suddenly wasn't.

"For a long time he was doing great and interesting movies and was able to have it both ways. Then he was in a movie that was too damn successful. But those 'Pirates' movies are so much more successful than anything I've ever been a part of that I just assume that's another level. When you're at the theme-park ride level..."

The handsome star also opened up about his fitness regime in preparation for his new sci-film 'Elysium', admitting he struggled with it because he loves calorific treats and wine too much.

He told ShortList magazine:  "It was a lot of work. Neill [Blomkamp, the director] showed me the graphic novel and there was a picture of Max [his character] and what he looked like, so I realised I had to go and do it. I exercised twice a day really seriously with a trainer. A lot of protein, and a lot of weight lifting.

"The working out I enjoy, it's the dieting I don't like. I like to eat and drink, and I don't like to be told that I can't. I associate food and a glass of wine with a job well done, and with victory. I'd be at my house with my kids and feel like, I'm a good guy, why can't I have a cheeseburger?"