Don't mess with the sleep patterns of actors James Franco and Danny McBride. They’ll co-star, along with newly minted Oscar winner Natalie Portman and Justin Theroux, in this Friday’s Your Highness, which was filmed in Belfast a couple of years ago, just before Portman started work on her biggest film to date, Black Swan.

Your Highness is an historical romp in which McBride and Franco play medieval brothers out to save their kingdom, and when one of their brides is kidnapped, they proceed on a zany quest to save her. Though the set must have been pretty wild given the personalities involved, the stars still wanted their proper shut eye.

One night in Belfast, as McBride recently explained, a bunch of drunks partying across the street from where they were staying basically woke the dead with all the noise they made. Plotting revenge for the undoubted next night of debauchery that would spill out of the nightclub, the actors were ready to take a stand with a carton of eggs to throw at their tormentors.

As McBride tells it, "Franco, Justin Theroux, all these other actors, the next night, everyone dressed up in black and we hid up in there (across the street from the bar). And we had a strict code -- we weren't allowed to go after women and children; you couldn't get anybody who was going into the club, we didn't want to ruin anyone's night. It had to be someone who was misbehaving and when they would misbehave, they would be punished."

McBride also revealed that he and the crew acted as Good Samaritans to save someone’s life.

"This guy was out there and all of a sudden these dudes came out of nowhere and they jumped him and a fight broke out and we swung into action and we just lit 'em up (egged them), broke up the fight and we saved that guy's life,” he said.

Filming in Belfast, McBride says, was fun, but especially taxing on Franco, the Oscar nominee (and appallingly bad Oscar host) who had to fly back and forth between Ireland and New York to complete his studies at New York University.

“There was a teacher that he had at school in New York, and James had missed a class or two because of filming, and (the teacher) basically said if he didn’t come to this class, he would be dropped from the class.

“So for the last half of the production, James would finish shooting Monday night, get on an airplane in Belfast, fly to New York, go to the class, get back on a plane, fly back to Belfast and come back to work every week.”

Possibly the best part of filming for McBride? "(Belfast) is not a bad place to be with Natalie Portman and James Franco. She was kind enough to show her ass in this movie,” he offered.