Ed Sheeran and Elton John

The 21-year-old singer duetted with the legendary musician for a rendition of his hit 'The A Team' at the American awards show earlier this month but admits he got an attack of stage fright when he walked out in front of the star-studded audience.

However, Elton, 65, put Ed at ease by making a gag about flashing his willy to try and relax him.

Ed recalled: "I knew I was not going to win at the Grammys so I was focusing on the performance. In the rehearsals it was fine but when I got onto the stage and there was a lot of people watching I was kind of a bit nervous. Then Elton called me over and said, 'This is the worst time to get your penis out.' That completely threw all of my nerves and I just played."

The singer/songwriter was at the BRITs at The O2 in London on Wednesday night to present the British Male prize to winner Ben Howard and he finds that awards show more "nerve-racking" than any other because it's in his home country and his loved ones are all watching.

Speaking before the ceremony to UK station BBC Radio 1, Ed - who won two BRITs in 2012 - said: "I think the BRITs has been the most nerve-racking for me because it is my home country like all my friends are tuning into see it, the Grammys has less people staying up to 5 in the morning. Everyone I went to school with sits down and watches (the BRITs) on TV."