Ed Sheeran
The British singer - who had a hit single with 'Drunk' - admits he has massively reduced his alcohol intake because he was growing embarrassed by his behavior when intoxicated.

He said: "The reason that I don't drink is, I turn into an idiot. I've inherited my dad's genes, I just tend to tell not funny jokes when I'm drunk."

When asked if he had been drunk before, he added: "Yeah, I'm an English boy; I've had my cider on the park episodes. I stopped drinking because... I don't know, you find yourself drinking a lot in this industry, and if you stop drinking you find yourself not drinking a lot, which is a positive thing."

Ed, 21, also said he notices when people are drunk when they approach him after shows, and has a different perspective on the world now he has cut down on his drink intake.

He added to BANG Showbiz: "It's a totally different experience. I still drink, I've not cut it out 100 per cent, but it's weird. You get a different reaction when you're sober to when you're drunk."