The ‘Drive’ actress- who is reportedly engaged to musician Marcus Mumford – wants to have three kids but right now just enjoys spending time with her friends’ offspring as they help her to relax and prevent her from worrying about insignificant things.

She explained: “I’d like to have three although that number’s gone down since I’ve hung out with people who actually have children. But I do love babies. Being around them calms me down because you don’t have to think about all your ridiculous worries.

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“I used to be so worried about everything. I’d be sick before a spelling test and if somebody brought red wine around to my new flat, I’d be unable to take my eyes off it in case they dropped it. Ridiculous. In fact, I’m still finding it strange that everything has gone really right. I’ve been doing exactly what I want since I was 14.”

Carey loves children so much that she moved in with her ‘Drive’ director Nicholas Winding Refn while filming the movie in Los Angeles and played with his kids in her free time.

She told Style magazine: “I had nowhere to live in L.A. and it was actually pretty awesome. I’d hang out with his wife and play with their babies and when I wasn’t filming I’d make carrot cakes and bring them on set.”