Pregnant Barrymore with husband Koppelman

The ‘Never Been Kissed’ actress married Will Kopelman last June and gave birth to the couple’s first child, daughter Olive, three months ago and Drew  says her family is her top priority.

She told the February issue of Good Housekeeping:  “I will literally fight like a lion to keep my family happy and intact.
“Maybe I wouldn’t feel that way if I had had a great family growing up.”

Drew loves motherhood because she feels it has made her a better person.

She explained: “The best thing about being a mom is just what a better person it makes you on a daily basis. “Every morning when I wake her up, the endgame is, ‘Can I get her to smile?’ And that puts me in a good mood. It’s definitely a different way to live — and a much better one.”

The 37-year-old actress also revealed how she took a break from the spotlight during her pregnancy and barely left her house during it.

She said: “I didn’t go out for like six or seven months. It was really nice to just get quiet. I cleaned out every single drawer in my house. I went through storage units. That’s how I lived my days. They say cats run around shredding paper before they’re about to give birth. That’s exactly how I was.”ver been so easy - marrying culture and technology, learning Gaeilge online