In the past Drew Barrymore has admitted that she first took cocaine at the age of twelve but in a recent interview she spoke openly about the 'tremendous pain' she was in and how difficult it was to be in the public eye at such a young age.

"My hedonistic moment wasn’t that tumultuous. It just happened at such a young age so it seemed way crazier than it was. Everyone goes to a point where they do stuff excessively," she told the Daily Telegraph.

“And the majority of people bounce back. Some of them fall into the rabbit hole – I just got mine out of the way early.

“There were moments when I experienced tremendous pain with everything being so known. You’re like: ‘Can I f***ing f**k up or have an embarrassing moment or do anything in f***ing private’?”

She also admitted that it took her a while to figure out that she was not an exception to the rule and that most teenagers went through this kind of angst.

She said "If you’re a 16-year-old and in high school and it doesn’t work out with the guy, and everyone’s talking about it in the hallways, it’s the same feeling. It’s all relative.”